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Game Vision

As a fusion of DeFi and GameFI, we want Defira's game systems to fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to extend the common play-to-earn model to integrate and improve upon the tokenomics of our DeFi systems. Popular GameFI projects suffer extreme inflation and lack of utility for their game token (like Axie Infinity). In our model, Defira's game tokens are also governance tokens for its DeFi super app, vastly enhancing the utility and value of the token compared to the traditional GameFI model.
At the core of Defira is the game's progression system, in which players gradually collect and improve valuable NFTs, such as heroes and items. These NFTs will be usable in the variety of game modes in the Defiraverse. Additionally, they will also interact with DeFi features through jobs, such as increasing farming yields or unlocking tokens at a faster rate, merging liquidity mining and play-to-earn into one system.
In our grand vision, the Defiraverse will be home to a diverse suite of fully fledged game modes of different genres, catering to different types of players who have varying levels of investment into Defira. Although this vision is far off, we will start by initially focus on developing two core game modes—Expedition and Conquest.

Progression Systems

The progression systems of Defira govern how players obtain and develop assets that allow them to interact with Defira's game and DeFi systems. Other than acquiring FIRA and game tokens like TRANQ, players also collect and improve NFTs, including heroes and items.
Heroes are the core playable characters in Defira. They are unique NFT heroes, who are wished into existence by combining the genetics of two other heroes. They will be playable in a variety of game modes and can perform jobs to improve DeFi features. Each hero is unique with their own strengths, which can be improved through leveling up.
We also want to experiment with the item system by integrating it with DeFi systems. For example, after performing a trade, we can reward the player with a lootbox as an incentive to use Defira. Additionally, locked tokens (like locked TRANQ) can be represented as an item, the power of which is based on the amount locked. In addition to staking yields, token lockers would also have a valuable item to use in-game.

Game Modes

The game modes in the Defiraverse share the same heroes and items but aim for different gameplay experiences. Defira welcomes players with different levels of time and investment, and variety in game modes lowers the barrier to entry. We want to eventually include a free-to-play option to attract the widest audience possible to the Defiraverse.
Our vision will take time to build, but we want to first start with the most impactful game modes, which form the core of the Defira game experience.

Conquest Mode

Expanding outside the capital city, an entire continent will be the battleground for fame and treasure. In the highest level grand strategy game mode, users build and develop settlements and raise armies to fight for territory and resources on a persistent world map. Heroes can be assigned as governors of a prosperous city or a general of a conquering army.
As a general design principle, we want to focus on engaging high-stakes gameplay where taking risk can lead to lucrative rewards for our core game modes. As players grow their empire, they will come into conflict with each other over the most valuable pieces of land, creating emergent gameplay from interesting social dynamics.

Jobs and Quest Mode

After the hero system is released, the first game mode will involve assigning heroes to jobs or quests, which they will perform passively without player action. Jobs passively boost a DeFi feature, such as increasing farming yields or unlocking sFIRA faster. Quests are single events, which upon completion rewards the player with items and tokens. This game mode is best suited to players without a lot of time to dedicate to a more involved gaming experience.

Expedition Mode

Compared to Conquest Mode, the Expedition Mode is a more intimate experience, in which players take a party of their heroes on an adventure to explore and seek treasure and glory.
To succeed on an expedition, players must carefully consider the composition of their party to maximize their effectiveness. The party will not only deal with environmental obstacles and AI enemies, but also other players. PvP mechanics will be a core component of the gameplay, encouraging more engaging and emergent gameplay experiences.

Other Game Modes

Although lower in priority, we also want to explore other game modes, which cater to different types of players, such as those without a hero or prefer less high-stakes gameplay.
Some ideas we have in mind at the moment include an airship crafting and battling game mode, an autochess game with heroes, and a card game set in the Defiraverse. These projects become more feasible as we scale up our team.
Concept art for player built airships