The core character system for Defira revolves around unique NFT heroes, who are summoned in a magical Wishing Ritual by combining the souls of two other heroes. These heroes will be playable inside a variety of game modes and interact with the various DeFi features in the Defiraverse.
Defira will also host a hero marketplace and bridge, where players can trade heroes with each other and bridge them to other chains. These services will take FIRA tokens as a transaction fee, accruing revenue to Defira.
Concept art of class designs for male elf heroes
Heroes vary greatly in terms of race, class, and abilities, with an almost endless number of variations, making each hero unique. Due to the large variety of activities and interactions present in the Defiraverse, players will need to acquire a number of heroes to truly excel in everything.
We will have more details available as we approach the launch of the hero system, so stay tuned!
Concept art of class design for ape heroes