Hero Jobs
Hero can participate in various jobs to earn rewards for their owner.

Elite Hero Missions

The city requires the help of the strongest heroes in the city to complete hard and dangerous tasks. This process is very selective, so only the city's most elite heroes can be selected to carry out these missions.
This is a leaderboard system, where players can challenge existing heroes on the leaderboard to qualify their hero for Elite Missions. The city will pay FIRA salary to these heroes. Elite Hero Missions can be accessed via the marketplace by interacting with Adventurer Fiera.


Players can pay 10 FIRA and challenge any existing hero in the elite hero mission board. If the challenge is successful, the player's hero will replace the existing hero and start earning a daily salary.
In a challenge, a challenger with higher stats than the defender will have a higher chance of winning the challenge. A challenger with lower stats than the defender will always lose the challenge. Each leader board will focus on a different stat - ATK, DEF, SPD, DEX, MAG, RES.
If challenger's stat is higher than defender, the success rate follows the formula below:
successRate=min(stat(challenger)stat(defender)1,0.5)+0.25successRate = min( \frac{stat(challenger)} {stat(defender)} - 1 , 0.5) + 0.25
Therefore, the challenger has a 25% to 75% chance of success given the difference in stats.


After a player's hero successfully challenges a slot, the slot starts accruing salary in FIRA that the hero's owner may collect. For each leader board, slot numbers range from 1 to 10 and the lower the slot number, the higher the salary will be.
Since elite hero missions is the first job being launched, the current the salary is in a promotional phase of 30 FIRA / day for slot #1 and decreases by 2 FIRA per slot, so slot #10 is 12 FIRA/day. This salary to adjust downwards as more jobs are launched If salaries are not claimed, it will reach a cap and stop accruing until they are claimed.

Monster Slaying

The city needs the services of Heroes to clear out wild monsters outside the city to keep the roads safe for merchants and travelers.
Interact with the guard at the temple to start the Monster Slaying job and send Heroes to join monster slaying campaigns. There is a new campaign that starts approximately every 24 hours (43200 blocks on Harmony).


There are 3 phases in a campaign. Each phase lasts for approximately 8 hours, so one campaign is 24 hours long.
1) Hero Staking Phase
Players can stake up to 4 heroes to participate in the current monster slaying campaign. Heroes must have HP > 700 - DEF to participate
2) Monster Slaying Phase
Staked heroes are actively slaying monsters in the campaign.
3) Claim Reward Phase
Players can claim FIRA rewards earned by their heroes. The reward amount is a weighted proportion of the total reward pool for the campaign. The proportion is based on the player's staked hero’s ATK as a percentage of the total sum of all ATK stat of participating heroes.
When claiming rewards, each Hero will take a random amount of HP damage. This damage is reduced based on the hero's DEF stat and cannot reduce HP lower than 1. Rewards can be claimed even after the phase and current campaign ends.
At the start, the reward pool is 500 FIRA / campaign. This reward pool be adjusted based on usage of this job.

Restoring HP

Player's can use the Red Fira Fruit to restore a Hero's HP. This can be accessed in the "My Hero" page of the Heroic Tome.
Each fruit will recover 1 HP. Red Fira Fruit can be purchased in the marketplace and also obtained through the Fruit Picking job (coming soon).
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