• Human
    • Male - Increased Magic (MAG)
    • ​​
      Female - Increased Resistance (RES)
  • Elf
    • Male - Increased Dexterity (DEX)
    • Female - Increased Speed (SPD)
  • Inu - Increased Defense (DEF)
  • Zaru - Increased Attack (ATK)
  • Guren - Increased Defense (DEF) and Dexterity (DEX)
Heroes of the Human and Elf races heroes can either be of male or female gender. Different genders behave like different races. Heroes of the Inu, Zaru, and Guren races have a neutral gender.
Inu and Guren are chain specific class, and only be summoned on their respective chain. Harmony for Inu and Cronos for Guren.
In addition to having different visual appearances, each race and gender combination also has its own associated Stat specialization. The specifics of class bonuses are detailed in the Stats section.