Wishing Ritual

The Wishing Ritual allows two heroes to produce a new hero of a higher generation.

Wishing Stone

Performing the Wishing Ritual requires spending an item called a Wishing Stone which can be acquired by combining the souls of two other heroes. The Wishing Stone contains the unique genes of both heroes which influences the class, race and rarity of the newly created hero.


The cost mechanics are designed such that the first wish for every Hero is relatively affordable, but will increase considerably with further wishes. For example, as indicated in the graphic below, the total cost for a Wish between two Gen 1 heroes is:
(25 FIRA + 250 TRANQ/MIMAS) + (25 FIRA + 250 TRANQ/MIMAS) = 50 FIRA + 500 TRANQ/MIMAS
We believe these cost changes will provide healthy price dynamics for our NFT Heroes moving forward, and preserve the value of the Genesis Heroes. These costs are subject to change with respect to market conditions.
The tables below give the wishing costs for a single hero, for the total cost, we need to add the costs for both parents. Harmony: