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Fanbase Mining

DeFi Liquidity Mining has found huge traction and created the current DeFi boom. We want to expand this idea and use token rewards to attract a fanbase for the Defira IP. We call this "Fanbase Mining".
To facilitate Fanbase Mining, we created the /r/defira subreddit. Each week, the Defira team will select the highest-quality / most impressive submissions and award FIRA rewards to the creator.
There are future plans to expand Fanbase Mining in the long-term roadmap. For instance, we would like to experiment with giving airdrop rewards for readers of our webtoon and viewers of our anime. Promoting our webtoon and anime will increase the number of fans of the Defira IP and attract more users to our game.
If successful, Fanbase Mining will attract new fans; increase engagement of existing fans; and raise the awareness of general public (outside of Cryptosphere) with DEFIRA IP.

Basic Fanbase Mining - OC Submissions

Our first initiative for Fanbase Mining is to incentivize original content (OC) for DEFIRA on social media, specifically reddit and twitter.
Fans can contribute their original content for DEFIRA such as Fanart, Memes, Music, Youtube Video Guide/Review/Shoutout, Cosplay, etc. Any form of fan content is allowed (please keep it SFW).
Each week, the Defira team will select and announce the highest-quality / most impressive submissions and award either FIRA rewards based on the submission's quality. In the future there will be a separate category for each submission with its own set of prizes.
The initial week rewards will be:
  • 1st - 50 FIRA
  • 2nd - 25 FIRA (if applicable)
  • 3rd 15 FIRA (if applicable)
  • 4th and 5th 10 FIRA (if applicable)

Submission Guidelines

  • No NSFW Submissions
  • Only original content, Submission is 100% created by the entrant. Fair use rules and best judgement applies on whether re-using existing assets for memes or derived content is OC.
  • Submissions can be any OC related to Defira including fanart, memes, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Contest is held weekly and ends every week on Sunday 12 PM UTC
  • Past Winners are not allowed to submit the same entry
  • No past videos allowed as an entry. Youtube content have to be brand new per week
  • Submissions should be either posted on the /r/defira subreddit or on twitter tagging @defiraverse
  • A judge will filter submissions by upvotes / likes and select the highest quality entries. The judge will select at least one primary winner and has the discretion to select up to 4 other winners.
  • The judge will contact the winners and send the rewards to a wallet address specified.