IP Vision

We aim to grow a large and passionate community and fanbase around the Defiraverse by developing recognizable characters, music, settings, and stories that together create a valuable piece of intellectual property. An engaging IP also allows us to expand the Defiraverse into other mediums to reach a broader non-core crypto audience, acquiring new fans through fanbase mining.
Beyond the brand and community value an IP provides, a strong IP also provides interesting and innovative opportunities for monetization through selling iconic characters and other assets as ultra premium unique NFTs.
Multimedia Franchise
We aim to develop a multimedia franchise focusing the demographic with a strong interest in anime and video games. The first experiment is publishing a webtoon establishing the world and characters.
Future works may include producing an anime series and even exploring a different direction in the gaming space by creating a single-player JRPG.
Community and Fandom
As a decentralized project, Defira has a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power and potential of an IP owned by the community and fandom, rather than a corporation. Loyal fans are instrumental in the success and growth of any popular IP, but under the current system, they cannot capture any of the value that they create.
To develop the community, we want to experiment with fanbase mining programs to reward content creators and passionate contributors. More ambitiously, we want to also develop systems and shared incentive structures where teams can create larger scale projects, like entire games, that are part of the Defiraverse.