Chain Tokens

Each chain has its own DeFi token, which also has utility as an in-game resource. These tokens govern the DeFi protocols on each chain, including fee accrual. Defira's game systems and intellectual property aspects are governed by the FIRA token.
Because each chain has its own unique circumstances, the tokenomics for these tokens are not uniform. We also aim to experiment and improve tokenomics design for each new projects based on our experiences and observations in the DeFi landscape.

Game Utility

Defira's chain tokens have dual value and utility as both DeFi and GameFI tokens the, whose design aims to address the inflation and negative price action commonly observed in other DeFi protocols and play-to-earn games.
Chain tokens are game resources that are consumed for game features, such as the cost for performing a hero wishing ritual. As new game features are developed, in-game utility for these tokens will increase. Tokens will be permanently burnt after being used, providing deflationary pressure.
We will also experiment with locking and veToken models, represented as NFTs with in-game functionality.


TRANQ (Tranquil Orb) is the governance token for the Tranquil Finance protocol on Harmony.
Locking TRANQ will be one of the few ways to initially obtain FIRA.
For full details, please visit the official Tranquil Finance docs.


MIMAS (Mimas Orb) is the governance token for the Mimas Finance protocol on Cronos Chain.
Cronos Chain support will be coming later in our roadmap, so MIMAS does not currently have in-game utility.
For full details, please visit the official Mimas Finance docs.